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Check out "Belmont bootstrapping advocate Jeff Cornwall unveils family business" on VentureNashville.com here!


Relode's Chad Harrington recently wrote about us on the Relode Blog. You can also listen to a 15 minute podcast interview with Jeff!


Member Testimonials

"This is the best $60 I've spent!"

-Chip Hayner, TEM member


"As entrepreneurs, some of the most difficult things we face are where to find helpful resources that aren't a time suck or a financial drain. The Entrepreneurial Mind gives me quick insights that make me rethink and consider potential next steps. It has been a real guiding factor as I begin to delve into things such as paying myself, hiring my first employee, and everything in between...

...I own a small business and want to grow steadily and stay a small business, and navigating that terrain when everybody wants you to grow fast and expand across every market is a challenge. Dr. C has provided me great insight into steady growth by understanding smart money and learning my break even above all else. His guidance has given me the courage to say no to money that wasn't truly valuable to my business."

-Lyndi Stein, owner, Littlest Love Bakery & Café 


"Dr. Cornwall’s expertise has been invaluable to the growth of our business. When we were faced with low profitability early in our development, he was able to quickly identify that we were either not charging enough, we didn’t have enough clients, or our overhead was too high. With this information and with Dr. Cornwall’s simple cost accounting explanation, we were able to revamp our pricing model leading to much higher profits. A resource like The Entrepreneurial Mind is a great way for Entrepreneurs to gain similar insight quickly, easily, and at a very low cost."

-Peter Smith, president and COO, Golden Spiral


"I’ve been mentoring entrepreneurs for over a decade and I have always had to utilize many online resources to share with entrepreneurs…and now the Entrepreneurial Mind provides a resource with tremendous content and value for entrepreneurs...I’ve been fortunate to benefit from the mentorship and counsel from Dr C. The Entrepreneurial Mind will allow him to share his knowledge and expertise with entrepreneurs all over the world now!"

-Shawn Glinter, Founder & CEO, Nanoferix, Inc


“I tell anyone that asks me that the most valuable part of my degree were the hours spent in Dr Cornwall’s office. Without those hours and the countless ones after graduation I would never have started and definitely wouldn't have succeeded in any of my ventures. His wise counsel and timely advice has shaped the long term course of our business planning more then he probably even knows!” 

-Jonathan Murrell, co-founder, The Escape Game


“Dr. C has been a steady voice throughout the ups and downs of my entrepreneurial journey. Often, I've enjoyed the wisdom and input of Dr. C over a cup of coffee. The Entrepreneurial Mind allows me to, at any time, figuratively sit across the table and gain insights on any number of topics. I am so glad that thousands of business owners will be able to benefit in this same way.” 

-Ben Cooper, songwriter and producer


“Dr. Cornwall has helped me throughout my entrepreneurial journey over the past several years. Through Dr. C's advice I was able to grow a company from a simple idea to an industry leader. Dr. C's advice was also crucial during times of struggle, and when I chose to exit the company. Dr. C's advice is practical, actionable and exactly what any entrepreneur needs to hear at any stage of their business.” 

-Jake Jorgovan, founder, Outbound Creative


“I had the pleasure of taking grad courses with Dr. C and the tools I picked up as his student have been career-changing.  Now that I'm launching my own venture, Dr. C has been an invaluable advisor as I explore and pivot my way through the planning process.”

-Price Barnes, entrepreneur


“Dr. Cornwall always seemed to have the right advice at the right time for my entrepreneurial journey. My career has been  shaped by him and I am thankful for his unique teaching abilities.”

-Clark Buckner, Podcast Director, Nashville Entrepreneur Center 

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