Micro Lending

What is Micro Lending?

Micro lending is a form of lending where people come together through crowdfunding to provide small loans that are given to entrepreneurs who are living in poverty.  Many of these aspiring entrepreneurs do not have access to traditional banking services.

The entrepreneurs who benefit from micro lending live in impoverished areas around the world. Studies find that as few as twenty-five percent of people living in poor countries have access to bank accounts.  Micro lending helps provide funding to even the poorest aspiring entrepreneurs in the poorest countries, offering a path to freedom and hope. 

Micro lending supports social empowerment and economic liberty. Studies of microfunding programs find that they reduce poverty, increase eventual access to traditional financial services, and increase the confidence and optimism of those receiving funding.

Our Commitment to Micro Lending

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs from all over the world succeed in their business. Unfortunately, there are areas where hard-working people do not have access to the funding that they need to start and grow their business. Entrepreneurial Mind, LLC commits 10% of our profits to assist the global entrepreneurship community through support of micro lending agencies and through the creation of our own micro lending funds to offer direct support to aspiring entrepreneurs living in poverty.

How You Can Help

Your participation in our community helps us toward our goal of expanding economic liberty through business ownership.  We also encourage you to offer your direct support through programs such as Kiva, Zidisha, MYC4, and other micro lending agencies.

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